coca cola soon going to release its earnings report

Coca Cola Soon Going To Release Its Earnings Report

Coca Cola, The beverage company, has managed to give its investors a right amount of returns. Now all investors of the Coca Cola are waiting for the company’s quarterly earnings reports. Coca-cola is going to announce its second-quarter earnings reports in next few days. Coke has always managed to give good results and beat analysts expectations. In the previous quarter also Coca-cola did surpass many experts expectations. Investors of the company who are eagerly waiting for its report have given a positive response. History shows that coca-cola has beaten analysts expectations of earning per share since 2017.

Now experts are predicting that company would be able to give EPS of 62 cents while recording a total revenue of $9.57 billion. In 2018 Coke’s stock plunged in February when the company reported a disappointing full-year outlook. Even after such bad results, coca-cola managed to give a good result in April and upcoming months of 2018. The beverage industry has always been a competitive market because of the existence of already big companies. Even after such competition, coca-cola gave good results in the last decade.

There was a news report which stated that coke might sell its stake to Monster Beverage. However, coke has clarified that they are not going to sell their stake to monster beverage for period. In the last decade, shares of coca-cola have raised by 109%, the S&P 500, on the other hand, gained 205%. Many analysts are predicting to hold shares of coke because it will give them the right amount of profit after this quarter’s earnings report. PepsiCo has given a good result, and investors are expecting the same for coca-cola. Shares of Coca Cola went up, which shows that investors are positive about the upcoming quarter’s results.